My new ALLBLUE Deep Diving Crankbait – short review

Hello all,

this is my first post on I know I might have started with some more general information about the website, but today my brand-new ALLBLUE lure arrived and so I chose to take some pictures from this beautiful lure and give you some information about it.

I decided to buy this lure as I had good experiences with the quality of this lures. And – I’m not disappointed by now. Field test will hopefully be next week. Some facts on that Chinese Crankbait:

  • Weight: 17,8g
  • Length: 7cm
  • Diving Depth: 4m
  • Get more details and pictures here: ALLBLUE Crankbait 

The design I chose is addressing the lake I will use it with a lot of perch and pike. The ALLBLUE crankbait has a very nice build quality and sharp hooks. Inside the lure there is a reflective foil as you may see on the picture I have taken. It was packed very well in a plastic container – I may say this is not common for all the Chinese lures. But that’s what I build this shop for. I focus on the best price vs. quality ratio. And ALLBLUE is one of my favorite brands when it comes to good quality at a low price.

So far for now. More details on other lures and tackle will follow! Check out our selection of ALLBLUE lures!